We strive to provide the best cash-to-crypto experience possible. With our next-generation ATMs, It’s so Flippin' Easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Skip the long onboarding times of traditional exchanges and join the revolution. It's not too late.

Simple and Easy to Use

Our bitcoin ATMs are sleek, fast, and extremely intuitive. We've also upgraded many of our bill validators to accept cash quicker than ever before. That means less time waiting at our ATMs and more time being a part of the future of money.

A Wide Selection

Not only do we support BTC, but we also offer LTC, ETH, TRX, KMD, DASH, BNB, LINK, and XLM at all of our terminals.

Why Choose CoinFlip?

With plenty of bitcoin ATMs popping up, you may wonder why you should choose CoinFlip for your crypto needs. Well, to get started, we've got...

The Lowest Fees

Our average cash rates are 6.99% over spot for price for buys and 3.99% under spot for sells, making our fees the lowest in the nation.

Exceptional Privacy

We don't sell or share your information with any third-party companies.

24/7 Customer Service

If our ATMs are open, we're here to help. You can contact us via email, text, or phone--24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Wide Coverage

Wherever you are, we've got a bitcoin ATM location close by--and we're always expanding.

Core Team & Advisors

Core Team

Daniel Polotsky CEO

Daniel Polotsky

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Weiss COO

Ben Weiss

Chief Operating Officer

Kris Dayrit CMO

Kris Dayrit

Chief Marketing Officer

Alan Gurevich CTO

Alan Gurevich

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Rosenbloom CDO

Bill Rosenbloom

Chief Information Officer

Larry Mascolino CCO

Lawrence O. Mascolino

Chief Compliance Officer

Goose VP of Human Resources

Goose Adams

Vice President of Human Resources

Grace Yi Head of Finance

Grace Yi


John Meija Head of Field Ops

John Meija

Head of Field Operations

Jun Zhao VP of Ops

Jun Zhao

Vice President of Operations

Dominik Ciesla Ops Manager

Dominik Ciesla

Operations Manager

Ken Oravecz Sales

Ken Oravecz

National Sales Executive

Dylan Soria Ops Manager

Dylan Soria

Operations Analyst

Daniel Tremulis VP of Marketing

Daniel Tremulis

Vice President of Marketing

Nico Drag Business Operations

Nico Dragomanovits

Business Operations Analyst

Kathryn Raught

Kathryn Raught

Community Manager

Dustin Wei Head of Biz Dev

Dustin Wei

Head of Business Development

Paul Principal Bioinformatics Scientist

Paul McArthur

Principal Bioinformatics Scientist


Genevieve CF Advisor

Genevieve Thiers


Minh CF Advisor

Minh Tran


Gadi Cohen Strategic Consultant

Gadi Cohen


CF Advisor

Michael Marasco


CF Advisor

John Yu


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