Update on Ethereum Transactions

Due to rising gas fee prices on the Ethereum network, CoinFlip will be updating the flat fee structure and the minimum transaction size for Ethereum transactions on our network of over 850 ATMs to ensure that users receive their Ether in a timely manner.

Previously, we had a minimum transaction size of $5 for Ethereum transactions and charged 6.99% plus a flat fee of $0.99. Due to rising gas fees, the flat fee of $0.99 will be changed to $3.99 and the minimum transaction size will now be $20. The other cryptocurrencies offered at our ATMs are not affected.

The CoinFlip Team will monitor the state of Ethereum fees closely and make changes as we see necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause and we want to thank our loyal FlipGang for supporting us.

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