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Crypto Made Convenient with CoinFlip and Coinmap

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CoinFlip, the world's most trusted Bitcoin ATM company, is very excited to announce a new partnership with Coinmap is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 to connect people with cryptocurrency services in their communities and worldwide. 

We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology has the ability to serve everyone. Despite the numerous benefits of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, crypto adoption remains relatively low. It is estimated that only 8% of Americans own any crypto, yet approximately 25% are unbanked or underbanked, meaning they don't have access to traditional financial services. Our ATMs provide a seamless way to buy cryptocurrency with cash, allowing cash-dependent people financial access they did not have before. 

Our partnership with Coinmap will help to further bridge that gap by making it easier than ever to find your closest CoinFlip ATM and merchants in your area that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Head to Coinmaps to see for yourself, and as a bonus, find a special discount on transaction fees.

What is Coinmap?

Coinmap is a cryptocurrency onboarding site that helps users see all cryptocurrency merchants and Bitcoin ATMs around the world in one map. Coinmap is led by Invity, an exchange comparison tool and member of the SatoshiLabs Group. You may have heard of SatoshiLabs before; they are the creators of Trezor, the first and most secure hardware crypto wallet on the market. 

Like CoinFlip, Coinmap is passionate about spreading cryptocurrency adoption. Cryptocurrency provides a unique opportunity to create a more inclusive financial system, which puts individuals' needs first. However, one problem with fulfilling this vision is a lack of awareness. Coinmap believes that cryptocurrency is for everyone and strives to make the process of getting started as simple as possible. Because our values are so closely aligned, the decision for CoinFlip to partner with Coinmap was easy. 

How Does Coinmap Work?

Coinmap makes it easy to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM. By simply selecting the ATM filter, you are presented with a worldwide heat map of all Bitcoin ATM venues. With CoinMap, finding a CoinFlip ATM has never been easier - look for the special CoinFlip icon when using the map. Plus, Coinmap gives you all the information you need to ensure your trip to a Bitcoin ATM is convenient, safe, and fast. It will tell you about the shop that hosts the ATM, hours of operation, and will show any relevant discount codes. Speaking of discount codes, head over to Coinmap to find a unique CoinFlip discount code that is valid throughout the month of February. 

In addition to connecting you with ways to purchase cryptocurrency in your area, Coinmap allows you to find businesses in your area that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. When using the map, you can search for various merchants by applying the filter to show shopping, food, grocery, transportation, and more. 

CoinFlip X Coinmap Makes Crypto Convenient 

With the CoinFlip and Coinmap partnership, buying, selling, and using cryptocurrency has never been easier. Our goal with this partnership is to further cryptocurrency adoption worldwide and showcase that crypto is for everyone, not just for savvy investors and techies. Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies can provide financial freedom for those left behind by traditional banking systems. We are excited about this partnership, 

To learn more about Coinmap visit their website here. Plus, you can read Coinmap's side of the story in their annoucement article here.