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November/December Newsletter

Happy December, Flip Gang! It’s been another crazy month here at CoinFlip. Where are all our damn chairs? We’ve been narrowing down the list of causes and it might have something to do with our rapid expansion! We have broken our record day in sales, took a peak at number one in the world, added […]

Read this Before Using a Bitcoin ATM Location Finder

In this day and age when we all have more than a few options for just about everything, it might be a little overwhelming figuring out how to safely and effectively use Bitcoin, not to mention figuring out a convenient way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

Why Did Bitcoin Price Just Skyrocket?

As of late May 2019, Forbes noted that Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed due to its many drivers of price, including technological, geopolitical, and regulatory in regards to compliment investor demand. This means there are multiple factors that go into Bitcoin’s rise in price.

How to Buy Bitcoin Through ATM Machine

If you’ve ever considered buying Bitcoin, you’ve likely run into obstacles figuring out how to make a safe and intelligent purchase that you can feel good about. Sometimes it might feel a little awkward going to a CoinFlip ATM to go from cash-to-crypto. Maybe it’s also more convenient for you to make a card purchase when it comes to your Bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin ATM: The Safest New Way to Buy Cryptocurrency

You may have been paying attention to the latest news about how Bitcoin is taking the world by storm. Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed over the past few months and as of June 2019 Bitcoin has passed the $10,000 mark for the first time since early 2018.

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