Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Can I Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

Can you buy Bitcoin with cash? With CoinFlip, you can!

If you're interested in purchasing Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrency but would like to keep your transactions cash-based, CoinFlip has a next-generation, secure, and intuitive solution for you: Bitcoin ATMs. With our Bitcoin ATM services, you can buy Bitcoin with cash in one seamless purchase – all you need is a smartphone, a crypto wallet, and cash in any denomination over $5.

How do I Buy Bitcoin with a Cash Deposit?

Our Bitcoin ATM terminals make the cryptocurrency purchasing process easy and fast. If you've ever used your phone to scan a QR code and inserted dollar bills into a vending machine, then you have the skillset to buy Bitcoin with cash!

For purchases over $900, Bitcoin ATMs require a one-time identity authentication with a valid state ID and photo taken with the terminal's camera. Below the $901 threshold, users are only required to enter their phone numbers and names on the ATM.

With CoinFlip, the question isn't how to buy Bitcoin with cash, it's how much Bitcoin you can buy with cash! Our ATMs support daily transactions of up to $2,995 with standard state ID verification, and up to $12,000 with an in-depth verification.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin with Cash?

We have Bitcoin ATMs conveniently placed in metropolitan districts throughout the United States – to date there are nearly 600+ Bitcoin terminals. Check out our terminal locator map to find locations in your city and state. If you want more information about where to buy Bitcoin with cash, USA CoinFlip representatives will be more than happy to direct you to the most convenient kiosk.

CoinFlip makes buying Bitcoin with cash easy and affordable. We offer the most competitive transaction rates in the industry and extremely low miner fee charges. Additionally, we offer discounts and a customized fee structure to users who transacts over $10,000 per month.

Our ATMs also offer support for additional cryptocurrencies, so you have your choice of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, Binance Coin, Dash, Komodo, Chainlink, or Stellar!

If you want to buy Bitcoin with cash, the team at CoinFlip is more than happy to assist you. We offer 24/7 customer service through our ATMs, and can chat with you via our website messaging system.

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