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Looking to buy Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home? CoinFlip offers Bitcoin purchasing with your credit or debit card. Choose from 7 types of cryptocurrencies. Fast, Safe, and Easy.

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How can I buy Bitcoin with a credit card:

  1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet: First, you will have to create your own virtual wallet. A bitcoin wallet is your digital bank account for storing bitcoins. Coinflip recommends BRD and Monarch wallets.
  2. Buy at an Online Exchange: Once your wallet is set up, we make it easy to buy bitcoin online. Simply decide how much bitcoin you would like to purchase, input your wallet address, and present your credit card details.
  3. Wait for the Transaction: Finally, all you have to do is wait for the transaction to be processed, and you will receive cryptocurrency directly into your wallet. Transactions can be confirmed in as little as 10-30 minutes.

What is the best bitcoin wallet?

As we mentioned earlier, the best option is web wallets. They are easy to create and manage. There isn’t a single best option – it all depends on your needs. Here are our top choices: BRD and Monarch wallets.

How can I buy Bitcoin online?

First create a bitcoin wallet using one of the options above. Creating a bitcoin wallet only takes a couple of minutes. After that, you only need a valid credit card, and you’re good to use Coinflip’s online bitcoin exchange. As long as you have enough funds on your credit card, you can purchase bitcoins and receive them in 10-30 minutes with Coinflip exchange.

How much Bitcoin should I buy?

It’s easy to buy bitcoin with a credit card, but don’t rush it. When buying bitcoins, it’s good to think about your needs. Do you want to invest in bitcoin and try to make money from the exchange? Do you need bitcoin to make secure payments that nobody can track?

No matter what the reason, you should only buy what you can afford and what you need. For example, if you want to trade coins, buy a couple of bitcoins and try trading them for a while. Learn about the market and slowly start acquiring more. Bitcoin trading isn’t as complicated as you might think, but it takes a bit of time to learn all the variables that play a role here.

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