Host a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM

Are you a business owner looking to host one of our bitcoin ATMs? Earning passive income is as easy as a few steps.

Hosting a Bitcoin ATM in your business can be a steady source of passive income and increased foot traffic for your business. Apply to see if your location meets our qualifications.

Earn extra revenue

CoinFlip will pay you to host our CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs in your store at no cost to you. We handle everything from shipment to customer support to cash collections!

Increased foot traffic

Our ATMs can bring up to 40% more foot traffic to your store! Many of our customers end up buying a small item after using our CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs.

Support Bitcoin locally

By hosting a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM you will be fostering the growth of a currency with no limitations as well as earning monthly passive income!

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